The Key Elements of a High Converting Optin Page


The key of course when putting together an optin page, is not to stop at one offer.

To build your list further and faster, create multiple optin pages.

According to a marketing benchmarks report, companies see a 55% increase in leads by increasing their optin pages from 10 to 15.

Although traffic is key to building a mailing list, an effective optin page (also known as squeeze page or lead capture page) is key too. Without a high converting optin page, your traffic generation efforts could go to waste.

Ideally, your optin page should convert at 30%. In other words, for every 100 visitors to your page, you should be able to capture 30 names and emails.

In order to put together a winning optin page, there are a few key elements to include.

An optin page should include an attention-grabbing headline. The headline you choose could make or break the conversion of your page, so spend as much time as you need, brainstorming potential headlines. Plus, the majority of your visitors will only read the headline and skip the rest of the copy. Usually, effective headlines include specific numbers, such as “The 7 foods that will burn fat and build muscles”. Good headlines also include big promises, such as “The 3 little-known ways to build a list without paying for advertising”.

Headlines should also include adjectives that underline how easy and fast it is to achieve the promise made. Adjectives such as “effortlessly” or “easy” or even “fastest” are often used. For example, your headline could be “The 3 fastest ways to convert leads into sales online”.

An optin page should also include a supporting image to illustrate what the person will receive in exchange for submitting their name and email. Should you be giving away a free report, include the front cover of the free report. Should you be giving away access to online videos, you could create an image of a video with the title of the video series on it. Should you be giving away documents such as check lists or templates, display an image of generic templates or checklists.

Then, also include a brief description of your offer, using a few bullet points. Each bullet point should be benefit-driven mainly, and not only underline the features of your offer. For example, instead of writing “receive 5 videos of 60 minutes each” focus on the benefits of each video. Bullet points describing an optin offer on sales training could be the following:

  • Discover how to close sales regardless of your price point even if you hate selling
  • Discover the absolute fastest way to get a client even if they’ve never heard of you before
  • Discover how to get your leads eager to buy from you without ever using cliché and pushy sales techniques

Your optin page should also include a form to capture people’s information. Remember, the more information you request, the less likely people are going to submit their details. Requesting someone’s name and email only is usually pretty standard, and should be enough at first. Once they become loyal email subscribers of yours, you could make them optin to other offers, requesting them to submit further information. To create a form to capture people’s information, you can use email marketing softwares such as,, or

These tools allow you to capture and store names and emails, and also allow you to broadcast emails to an unlimited number of people simultaneously and schedule emails in advance.

Then, below your lead capture form include a call to action. Avoid the call to action “submit” as it tends to lower the conversion rates of optin pages, as subconsciously, no one wants to “submit” their contact details. Instead, use words such as “yes, let me in”, “instant download”, “send me the report” etc…

The offer you make on any optin page should always be easy to consume. Remember, people don’t have much time, and like consuming information in the fastest and easiest way possible. Therefore, putting together a 100-page ebook as a free offer could turn people away. Instead, replace your offers with easily digestible content such as checklists, templates, 2-3 pages-long report, short videos or short audio recordings.

Lastly, include social media sharing tabs to allow visitors to share your optin page on social media. Considering that on average, each social media user has 140 contacts, this could represent a considerable amount of free traffic for you.

In order to increase the conversion of your optin pages even further, remember to add a privacy message right below your call to action tab. Privacy messages such as “100% secure”, “We will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address” or “we hate spam too and won’t share your information with anyone” is enough.

Another element that has enabled the conversion rate of optin pages to increase dramatically is the use of social proof. Social proof, also known as “informational social influence” pushes people to perform certain actions if a lot of people already have. For example, you’re most likely to optin to a free offer, if thousands of people already have, since people tend to follow other people’s actions.

Therefore, to include social proof on an optin page, you could either include a statement of how many people have already accessed your offer, such as “thousands of businesses have already downloaded this report”. Or, you could enable social media comments below the optin form, allowing a lot of people to comment on the offer.

The key of course when putting together an optin page, is not to stop at one offer. To build your list further and faster, create multiple optin pages. According to a marketing benchmarks report, companies see a 55% increase in leads by increasing their optin pages from 10 to 15.

To easily create optin pages even if you are not familiar with html, coding and websites, we recommend “leadpages”. A tool that not only allows you to pick from hundreds of high converting optin page templates but also integrates with most email marketing softwares.

Leadpages also allows you to track the conversions of your optin pages and perform “A-B” tests. In other words, leadpages can rotate between two different optin pages for the same offer, to see which one converts better.

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7 Tips To Grow Sales Using Social Media

Social media has become a selling force for the marketing world and marketers are taking a great advantage of it. Recent survey shows that about 75% of sales and purchase decisions are done through social media evaluations in one way or the other. Even the way we do business and maintain customer relationship has changed drastically within the last few years all because of social media. The traditional way of selling both offline and online has changed from email marketing, networking, phone calls and face to face discussions to almost complete social media selling. That been said doesn’t mean our traditional ways of selling are no longer good or in use but, we rather make better use of them combining social media selling information and experiments to grow sales using social media.

make money with social media

Growing sales using social media

Social media selling is simple but a tactical way of reaching your audience based on their demographics and at the right time through the right source depending on the most popular social media channel your local or global audience are using at a particular time. Properly using your networks on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks, you will be able to easily identify potential prospects, then gain intelligence on your audience needs and challenges, and then leverage this knowledge. This valuable information will make a way for you to engage them in conversation that will give you the opportunity to email, call or even meet them in person and present your offers to them. It is no news that the potentials social media have help marketers uncover new selling opportunities and also develop the existing business relationships that leads them to grow sales using social media.

To succeed on social media, you have to properly plan, set out a clear strategy, devote some time and work hard work before you can even think of succeeding on social media selling. Below are some of the best tips every selling rep should follow in other to be successful on social media.

  1. Defined your Brand or Products/Services

Before you even start anything on social media, you as a person or group have to first define your brand, products and services. This means that, how do you want to be seen as a brand? Is it that you are have the best quality products with the lowest cost or do you offer the fastest and efficient services within your niche. Do you want your audience to see you as the best team or group of experts in a particular field? it all have to be first defined. By doing this, you will determine how you want to be perceived in the eyes of your audience and also know the right source of social network you will need to use.

  1. Create and complete your social media profiles

After defining your brand and having a full knowledge of how you want to be perceived on the media among your audience and potential clients, the next thing you need to is to create attracted accounts on all the social media platforms within your reach. Whether is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and also create and update your LinkedIn profile. Connect your site with all the above mentioned social sites and not LinkedIn company page. Make sure you don’t have previous information on those pages that will hurt your brand and create controversy among your visitors and potential customers. These social media pages represent your brand, products and services to great extent and they must be kept clean and filled with information appealing to customers only.

  1. Identify your targeted audience and go after them

There are so many ways of searching for your targeted audience on social network these days. You know them easily by what they like, their subscriptions, what they share and view on daily bases. Another way to search for your audience is through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great tool for this because they allow you to search for people according to their demographics e.g. by their titles, regions, specific departments, companies, industries, and more. Same thing can be done with Twitter and now with Facebook posting updated to target specific audience to increase engagement. You could also find your potential customers through your competitors’ fan pages and make attempts to steel them in ways I won’t discuss here. In case you need more information about this, email or contact the admin of this post.

  1. Build your social Network with your targeted audience

After getting to know who are your targeted audience on those social networks, Start building your network with the people you know by inviting them to like and share your pages. There are a lot of chances that those people might know who you want to sell to and make sure you add all the people from your past and present job places, your family and friends and encourage them to share your information among their friends. This for sure will lead to your pages attracting new members and so the growth will continue. Make a good use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to start this process.

  1. Identify platforms your audience are using

Knowing the social network platforms your targeted audience are on regularly will help you a lot in targeting them and bringing them to your pages on same social networks channels. You have to understand where your targeted audience spend most of their time, discuss their challenges and share information about topics interesting to them. Once you identify those platforms, join the groups, and subscribe to those platforms. There are chances you would meet a lot of your targeted audience there and convert them to becoming your fans and subscribers. You would do better is you spend more time on those social platforms where your audience spend most of their time. These will lead to more subscribers and potential customers you would keep forever.

  1. Grow sales using social media

Learn and monitor your Potential clients on those social media platforms

Some tools like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Google Alerts are just great peace of software that can help you monitor in real time what your potential customers are talking about online which will allow you to quickly respond to them in a timely manner. Your target audience are continuously sharing information on social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more which send messages to what their needs and wants are. Sometimes even their profile update might review what their needs are at a time. Knowing all these will give you great insight on what to create and how to target them based on their behavior on social media.

  1. Offer Target and valuable content that will impress and engage your audience

Now that you have defined your brand, create and enhanced your social media profiles, identified your target audience and where they spend most of their time on the social media platforms, started building your social network, and began learning more about your target audience, the next challenge will be to start offering great information about your products, services and brand. This will help you to build trust and establish yourself as an expert within a particular field. these days you need to share targeted valuable insights with your prospective customers in the form of quality content using the different social media platforms they use and also make sure these contents are sent to them at the right times and through the right source.

We are proud to say our customers are 100% satisfy with our SEO and Social Media Marketing services! We strive for our customer’s success helping them grow online faster than they ever imagined. You may want to become part of our unique and happy family where everyone has high hopes of a better tomorrow simply because we work hard to prove we know our job. take a step today and visit our website and see how we can help you grow your business online.

By Ted Pius 



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