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FACT – most people think because they have put up a social media page such as Facebook they are covered and are getting more exposure than ever. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you have probably done more harm than good and I’ll briefly explain why following:

Social media sites such as Facebook for example have many rules that most people don’t know about. Facebook is constantly changing the way and how content is added and delivered, and unless you follow all their rules you are actually doing more harm to your exposure than you know. To be successful in this area is literally a full time job and you really need a professional who is constantly learning and applying the rules daily.

We understand that most businesses DO NOT have the time and resources to learn and build effective Social Media pages that are search engine friendly. That’s where we come in; we specialise in creating the right content and following the right rules to get the best results.

You concentrate on your Business and let us concentrate on your Business Social Media

When we compile a Search Engine Optimised page for you, we then further support you with ongoing steps that you will be required to take, to help you get better exposure which creates leads for your business.

You can succeed with a correctly compiled SEO Social Media page – This is what we do!

It’s much more economical using services we offer than employing someone full time.

social media made easy

Evay Limited offer the following services for Social Media:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Online training
  • Face-to-face training
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Social media optimisation
  • Rich quality content writing
  • Explore the best channels
  • Performance reports
  • Posts and management
  • Handling customer queries
  • Campaigns and contests
  • Monitoring social media changes and applying for best results
  • Social media Guru’s that understand
  • Marketing strategies
  • Effective linking and back-links
  • Paid marketing management
  • Real people you can contact
  • Packages for any business size



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