A few web-site design facts:

  1. It’s not all about pretty web sites, it’s about effective sites that work!
  2. Free website offers sound great don’t they, there’s usually a catch – on the web nothing is for free should you want results!
  3. Let some images do a little talking for you!


 Web site design

Website design should work for your business and not just be a web poster that does nothing.

With correctly setup Social Media and smart web page content development, including some SEO done correctly, you can get results which turn into more enquiries, hence customers and more sales!

Our web design technicians are no-nonsense developers and build fully functional websites, using the latest technology, which is very important!

Should you require an innovative design to robust functionality and smart usability, we can build the web site to suit your absolute needs.

The web sites our technicians build are designed with your business niche and your target market in mind. The easy to use and self edit ability puts you in the drivers seat.

Whether you would like to start a brand new website, update/modernise your old website, or have a self-edit/self build website, add functionality or design a database driven website, we can achieve this for you.


Website Hosting

Evay Limited offer web-hosting plans that include all of the latest features with instant setup and easy to use control panel.

We have a range of web hosting platforms from budget plans right up to executive corporate hosting plans.

To make your website visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a web server. Evay Limited provides a very high level of support and commitment to each and every customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domain Names

A domain name is the cornerstone of your business, look at it like a web telephone number. Your domain acts as your own unique identity and your online brand, used to promote your business to potential and current customers.


Securing domain names is a quick and easy process. Enter your domain names search in the field, choose an extension; for example: com, .net, etc…, then click ‘Check Availability’. Domain name search results will be generated and if the name is available, you will have the option to continue to register the domain name.



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